Brownsville, Texas — The Brownsville Independent School District will be closing three campuses. According to school officials, enrollment has dropped in the last 10 years, causing the district to lose revenue.

On Thursday evening, the district’s board of trustees voted to close Victoria heights, Longoria and Resaca Elementary.

School officials tell Fox News the decision was made after board members looked at the number of students they have lost.

“We did a lot of presentations that were brought forth by the administration in regards to the different options that were on the table. It regarded to how we were going to address the issue of losing so many students. Administration recommended that three of our schools be closed down.”

School board members say that although it was a difficult decision to make, it was the best one for the district.

“We want to protect our budget. We want to protect our employees. We want to still continue to provide quality education for our students and the most reasonable way that we could do that was by closing these schools.”

Students and teachers that attend the schools that will be closing, will be relocated to nearby campuses.

“It feels so unreal though that it’s happening, it happens so fast.”

Ana MarĂ­a Rodriguez has two children enrolled at Resaca elementary, she says she is concerned because the transfer may affect her kids.

“I think so because everything is going to be so new to them. They’ve known this school since they were so small.”

We spoke to another parent who says that although the school her child attends will not be closed, this new change might still affect them.

“Where my kids attend I do know that they’re gonna be transferring students out so that will be meaningly overpopulating the classrooms and teachers not having enough time to teach if they are going to have so many students in a classroom.”

School officials say the decision will benefit everyone within the district and would like to thank students, faculty and staff for their support during this transition.