A week after an HEB in Brownsville closed, owners of small businesses in the area say they are starting to see a negative impact on their revenue.

On October 20th this HEB located on Elizabeth street closed its doors to the public, after 60 years of service. For some owners of small businesses like Diana Tapia, who specializes in the sale of dresses, she has seen sales decrease.

Not only me, but other merchants from this area have also been noticing, and I think a lot of people will stop coming as frequently as they used to.

Tapia says her clients from Matamoros would stop at this HEB and would end up visiting her business.

When they would come to the HEB, they would look at my store and that was when they would come over. I had a lot of sales thanks to HEB
According to analyst Jorge Luis Garza, this is due to the evolution that the company needed to stand out against other markets. He says it is now up to the small business owners to adapt to the closing of this HEB

In a press release issued by the company, they stated they had decided to close this location because the building was old and had to be modernized to offer the same experience as the other stores.

HEB also noted they have 4 other locations throughout the city and that they will continue to provide their services to the Brownsville community.