According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, during the time period of October 1st through April 30th of this year, they have disrupted a total of 92 stash houses and rescued 1,030 undocumented immigrants. Last year during the same time period they had cracked down on 61 stash houses and rescued 838 undocumented immigrants, a difference of 31 houses and 192 immigrants.
Nowadays smugglers use all types of places to hold immigrants against their will. Just a few weeks ago our cameras witnessed a stash house at an unexpected neighborhood.
“They would utilize about anything as a stash house. We’ve seen them utilize motel, apartment complexes, homes, mobile homes, even campsites along the river.”
Even if you don’t live near the border, your neighborhood can still house immigrants against their will.
“The smugglers are very careful for the most part when involved with these types of activities, so it’s paying really close attention.”
According to border patrol agents, some signs can be no running water, no electricity, no air ventilation and of course trash.
“If you see anything suspicious report it, better safe than sorry. They could be saving a life, smugglers and caretakers are known to not only extort illegal aliens for additional money, they take advantage of them sexual and physical abuse them so it’s a dangerous place for them to be in.”
Agents advise that you take the time to know your surroundings and your neighbors and remember if you see anything suspicious report it to your authorities.