Ronald Anthony Burgos Aviles’ attorney states his client is innocent and is in the process of releasing him on bond.
“At this time we are trying to find out what the probable cause was for the arrest we have not been able to obtain the complaint we are trying to get that as we speak.My office is working on that. We will be probably be filing for bond or some sort of release conditions very soon.”

Martinez confirmed Aviles was on duty at the time the bodies were found. AvilesĀ is facing two capital murder charges for the deaths of 27-year-old Grizelda Hernandez and her son one-year-old Dominick Alexander Hernandez. Authorities have not confirmed if the child was his. While his attorney works on releasing Aviles, Laredo police tell Fox News an update on the case.

“There’s been a several-day search of the actual river in different sections in order to determine if there are any findings that can help in this case.”
Police are also searching Aviles’ home and any equipment he had access to as a border patrol agent, but state they won’t release any findings to the media in an effort to not jeopardize the case. Police are asking the community to report any information they may have to 795-2800.All calls will remain anonymous. Family members of the victims have asked privacy during this timeĀ and are not requesting any monetary donations.