Ronald Anthony Burgos Aviles plead not guilty to two counts of capital murder, Charges to which he could face the death penalty.
The Webb County District Attorney’s Office and Burgos Aviles’ attorney Silverio Martinez, were present at the 49th district court for a consultation hearing.
During the hearing, both parties agreed to not make any statements to the media. 49th district court judge Joe Lopez assigned preliminary dates for future court dates. An evidence exchange hearing is scheduled for November of this year.
Burgos Aviles is accused of murdering Grizelda Hernandez and her 1-year-old son, Dominick Alexander. The incident happened April 9. While on duty, Burgos Aviles reported he found two bodies in a brush area by the intersection of Allen Drive and Bristol Road. Hernandez received multiple stab wounds to the face and neck area and the 1-year-old was stabbed in his neck and heart.
To this date, Burgos Aviles has maintained his innocence. He continues to be behind bars at the Webb County Jail without bond.
Jury selection and a trial date are preliminary to take place next year.