111th District Court Judge Monica Notzon dropped the hearing after Juan David Ortiz’s attorney asked for more time to analyze evidence.

The hearing lasted about 30 minutes. Ortiz’s attorney asked for a piece of evidence that prosecutors declined to hand over.

“Now is not the time. We believe that once he is charged formally we will turn over the evidence to the defense. The judge agreed with us, there are documents on file that the defense can read. He is fully aware of what information is contained there and what the charges will be.”

This piece of proof is a confession video filmed September 15 at the Webb County Sheriff’s Office. All evidence will be given to the defense after Ortiz is indicted.

Ortiz asked for a bond reduction after he described his living conditions at the Webb County Jail as intolerable. Alaniz says he doesn’t know how Ortiz is living, adding that no other inmate has complained about the jail.

As the state continues analyzing evidence, they say charges should be filed by December.

“Obviously we are at felony one right now. Our options are capital murder non-death, capital murder death penalty, so as we get closer to December once we have all the factors the history of the defendant.”

Ortiz remains behind bars at the Webb County Jail with a bond set at 2.5 million dollars.