Fox brought you the exclusive story of a Hargill family displaced by a fire after their home was destroyed.
They were surprised today by generous members of our community.

The Molina family say they are beyond grateful, saying they never expected to receive this amount of help. Now they’re looking forward to starting a new chapter in their lives in their brand new home.

“Blessings after a tragedy”, this is how Julio Molina describes his experience after his home was damaged in a fire. Never expecting to receive the attention and supports from a local celebrity along with several businesses.

“I want to thank Ramon Ayala for his generosity. The businesses that donated the building supplies, Martinez Furniture, and all the people that helped us one way or another. Words can’t describe how grateful I am.” – Julio Molina

The home was rebuilt using building materials supplied by Matt’s Cash & Carry and Starsky’s Lumber. This morning Ramon Ayala and a crew from Martinez Furniture showed up at the family’s house to deliver bunk beds, refrigerator, and a stove.

Ayala tells us it’s his humble upbringing that reminds him of his blessings prompting him to help others in need.

The Molina Family says the new house and furniture will improve their quality of life providing them with the peace of mind to focus on raising their children and they hope to one day be able to help others the way they were helped.