After more than a month, President Trump has signed a bill to reopen the government temporarily.
This shutdown which became the longest in American history with 35 days, affected a great number of federal workers throughout the country, many of whom continue to work despite not getting paid.
“The Border Patrol has been conducting operations, as usual. Over 3,000 border patrol agents assigned to the Rio Grande Valley sector continue to work without pay.”
Araujo adds the shutdown did not impact the performance of border patrol agents.
“Agents are feeling the financial strains, but they do continue to perform their duties. They continue to apprehend large numbers of illegal aliens, narcotics and do what they can to secure the southern border.”
 Agents also thank the community for helping them during these difficult times.
“We want to thank the community for all the support they gave us while we underwent these difficult times. We give so many thanks to everyone for the support that they provided us with”
Although we still don’t know when government workers will receive their next paycheck, President Donald Trump assures it will be as soon as possible.