TxDOT officials want to remind drivers to be extra cautious when passing through school zones.
In Texas, last year alone, 663 vehicle accidents happened in school zones. Resulting in zero deaths and 21 serious injuries. The most common factors that caused these crashes were distracted drivers, failure to control speed and failure to yield at stop signs.
Octavio Saenz TxDOT public information officer tells Fox News during summer, people tend to forget about school zone rules and fines, which can be up to a thousand dollars.
“Several schools start at different times so it’s really important that people pay attention to those pedestrians and people pay attention to the flashing lights that indicate a school zone.”
Saenz adds that whenever you see a school bus open their stop sign you must stop in both directions.
“If you pass a school bus and that school bus has a stop sign that is a citation and you’re getting off easy because it can also be the life of a child.”

Following these simple tips can help children stay safe and help drivers avoid getting a ticket: put away your cell phone, always obey school zone speed limit signs, drop off and pick up your children at your school’s designated areas, keep an eye on children gathered at bus stops and be alert for children who might dart across the street or between vehicles on their way to school.