Rio Grande City, Texas– This campaign serves as a reminder of what could happen if drivers get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. 

It could be our children it could be our grandmother it could be our sister or mother and so it’s important for people to have that visual aspect of what is out there because sometimes the pictures are worth a thousand words

This red vehicle, with multiple dents and broken windows, is showcased a few feet from us 83. According to lieutenant joe Cavazos, cases related to alcohol consumption have increased in the last few days

Within the past month, we had an individual that was highly intoxicated that ran into the backside of a vehicle killed her child now we have this problem with minors. We have a problem developing in Starr county

Aside from having negative effects on teenagers’ health and mental development,  lieutenant joe Cavazos says driving under the influence puts other people’s lives at stake.

Thelma Molina, a resident of Rio grande city believes these measures are necessary since alcohol abuse is allegedly very ingrained in the culture of many Hispanics that live in her area

That is very persistent in our community and I think it is not the sole responsibility of law enforcement I think it is everyone’s responsibility. 

Officials say that parents should know where their children are at all times and add that an adult older than  21 that provides a minor with alcohol could end up in jail.

Authorities also remind juveniles that it is illegal to drink alcohol if they are under the legal age limit and could face serious charges.

Authorities Advise Community About The Dangers Underage Drinking
Authorities Advise Community About The Dangers Underage Drinking