Laredo, Texas– Shootings between cartel members and Mexican authorities across the border prompted Webb county officials to issue a warning about traveling to Nuevo Laredo.  Some residents say they’re concerned about the violence taking place and how it could potentially affect them here on US territory.

Webb county officials asking the community to avoid traveling into Nuevo Laredo following shootings that could be heard on this side of the border.

“It was louder than new years fireworks. I could hear all the gunshots. I think they came from high caliber machine guns.  I could even see the flares.”

Authorities believe the hours-long shootout took place between the Tamaulipas state police and drug cartel members.

“There was a confrontation between the state police and the cartels. Three members of the cartels were killed and the cartels retaliated.”

Cuellar says they received many calls from concerned residents adding that deputies were deployed to protect the area. A plan is in the works to keep the community safe. 

“I just don’t want it to come on this side. I wish that it would end because it’s bad publicity for commerce, bad publicity for the trucks coming over conducting business with Mexico”

Safety is our main priority but like one Rio Bravo neighbor says, he’s worried about the violence spilling over into the U.S.

“I’m worried about my family. I’m afraid one of those bullets will reach us.  It’s dangerous. It seemed like a war zone.”

County officials said that more needs to be done from the Mexican government to put law & order. 

“Enough is enough. We’re going to keep this community safe.”