Many parents tend to assume their children who are in middle school are interested in video games or hanging out with friends, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case
“The drug of choice for kids is alcohol because it’s easily acceptable, there are parties sometimes parents allow teenagers to drink, they don’t see it as a drug.”
This statistic is based on a survey conducted by Serving Children and Adults in Need, also known as SCAN. 2,400 students from Laredo ISD and United ISD participated in the survey. According to them, most 13-year-olds begin to try marijuana at that age. For high school students, this is the most popular drug.
“According to the surveys, its prescription drugs a lot of kids are vaping to so we implemented questions on vaping in the survey for this year so we will probably know from the fall what kids are saying about vaping because vaping is very popular among teenagers.”
SCAN will survey more students and have the report ready by September. With with summer vacation and many young teens spending time with their friends, one organization wants to make sure kids stay safe.
“Its just not worth it if you are wanting to do that or trying to get into that scene I would encourage you not to do that because your future does depend on it at this point in your life it may not seem like it or your future in college or your career might seem far away but it really will affect everything from relationships to career.”
SCAN offers several support and treatment sessions for the community. If you’d like to receive more information you may call 724-3177.