Cameron County– An ATV accident leaves one teen dead and two others in the hospital.

According to officials, the incident was reported around 7:30 pm on Highway 281 near Covarrubias Road in the city of La Feria.

When deputies arrived at the scene they noticed that the vehicle was upside down and three individuals were thrown on the ground.

“They checked them out and one of them did not appear to have any responses, didn’t appear to have a pulse. They immediately called the ambulance.”

The sheriff adds that when EMS arrived, they confirmed 14-year-old Nestor Eduardo Vasquez was unresponsive. All three teens were taken to Valley Baptist Medical Center. There, they pronounced Vasquez dead. The conditions of the 17-year-old driver named Victor Fuentes and 15-year-old passenger Maribella Villarreal are unknown at this time.

“They say the driver of the ATV was driving at a high rate of speed prior to the time of the impact to the drainage ditch.”

According to the investigation, when the ATV hit the drainage ditch, it caused the vehicle to flip over and eject all riders several feet into the air.

“The officer went ahead and took measurements from the first impact of the ATV to the ditch to were the ATV landed upside down, the distance was 99 feet.”

Summer vacation has begun for many students, that is why the sheriff wants to inform parents about the dangers of operating off-road vehicles.

“I hope whoever owns those things don’t let their kids ride all over the place because they are very dangerous, because it’s a four-wheel drive you need a driver’s license and license plates.”

Sheriff Lucio says that although no one is facing any charges at this time, the accident remains under investigation.