Edinburg (KFXV) — A date has been set for Jorge Alberto Guajardo to be back at court for the second time after a mistrial was declared by a judge.
After two years, and a mistrial, Jorge Alberto Guajardo, accused of capital murder, has a date set to be back in court..
It will be the morning of August the 10th when Guajardo will be back in Court 398.
Guajardo faces capital murder charges for taking part in an alleged gang related shooting where one teen died of a gunshot wound.
The mistrial in this case was declared after a witness shared information about the case on social media.
“The reason for that is because during a trial witnesses shouldn’t get information from other sources,” defense attorney Christopher Sully said.
Defense attorney, Christopher Sully and his team, explained that mistrials don’t happen often, however, the easy access to social media could become a problem in court.
“We have investigators who can follow up with the witnesses, and verify information they are sharing,” Alejandro Ballesteros, a defense attorney, said.
Now, it’ll be a few weeks before the next hearing and where Guajardo will get the opportunity to take the stand.