A video of a teen being assaulted while nude is uploaded to social media. Two people are now behind bars for this incident.  

The investigation began when a mother reported her runaway son had returned home. While speaking to the victim, officers noticed he had redness and swelling to part of his face. The victim then said he had spent the night at  Cesar Enrique Mata’s home. 

“In the morning, when the juvenile woke up, he was confronted by Cesar who accused him of stealing clothing and various items from inside the residence. While Cesar was doing this, he ordered the child to take off his clothes to prove he wasn’t hiding anything. He then began slapping the victim in the face.”

The victim stated that another male suspect arrived and also began to physically assault him.

“The individual identified himself to the victim as a “comandante” of a transnational organization and struck the victim in the head with the butt of the rifle.”

Laredo Police

The teen said he asked to leave on multiple occasions, but both Mata and the other suspect would not allow it. He adds Mata’s mother, identified as Herminia Montiel, was present during the assault and did not intervene.
He says the incident was recorded on a cell phone and uploaded to a social media site.

“Investigators were able to get a hold of the cell phone and did find several pornographic images of the victim with his genitals exposed.”

Laredo Police

Laredo Police say the other suspect involved has not been identified. 
Mata faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of child pornography, while his mother faces charges of failure to report a felony.