Hidalgo County, Texas– A lack of proper street lighting has presented some safety concerns among residents in low-income neighborhoods known as colonias.

Residents spoke with Fox News South Texas voicing their concerns saying the area is poorly lit and very dark at night.

“Around here, coming into this Colonia you have to come alert and with caution. When driving at night because there aren’t street lights…And you cant see the streets…There’s been a lot of accidents here even deaths…But it has been this way for a long time…”

According to officials it usually requires a petition on behalf of the residents to request a lighting program and about 75% of them must be in agreeance to take on costs, however county commissioner precinct 1 David Fuentes stated they have explored alternatives.

County officials through a collaborative effort with a local school district took on a design by migrant students on solar lighting that would essentially be more cost-effective and eco-friendly.

“We recently yesterday signed and approved going with a vendor that might be able to provide these solar lights in the monte alto area”

Fuentes also stated that 65 solar lights will be installed and that the project bid came in at roughly $51,000 …Adding the significance of the upcoming census in 2020 and how accurate representation can bring funding to underserved communities improving streets, drainage systems, and lighting”

Hidalgo County officials assured the installation process of street lights will begin in January…