Edinburg, Texas– Authorities held a press conference in regards to the triple homicide that took place earlier this week.

Thank you in at the Edinburg police department continues to investigate the triple homicide but held a press conference today to disclose some new information.

“Rebecca, showed up to the Edinburg police department to report an ongoing sexual assault.”

Cesar Torres – Edinburg Chief of Police

According to the chief of police, Cesar Torres, the victims have been identified Rebecca Lee Cantu, 19 years of age, her mother Magdalena Andrade Cantu, 48 years old, and Aaron Cortez, 30 years old, who was the home health provider for Rebecca’s son. 

It was revealed that Rebecca went to the police station to file a sexual assault report on December 6th against her mother’s boyfriend who was also her three-year-old’s father. She did not follow through on her complaint. 

Authorities state that there wasn’t a history of domestic violence registered from that residence prior to the triple homicide. 

The 3-year-old boy that was left behind unharmed currently finds himself well and out of harm’s way. Edinburg PD did not specify under the care of who but did state that the child is in good hands. 

Edinburg police department has been diligently working on this case and stronger reminds the public of the various resources that are available to victims of domestic violence. Resources that can potentially prevent these types of tragedies.