A young girl in Palmview lost her life in a residential fire, residents say responding agents could have done more.

Sunday evening a widespread fire claimed the life of an 11-year-old girl.

According to authorities, the fire was reported at around 3 pm this Sunday. In a group of homes close to the intersections of la Homa and Susana. Residents say young Versaidy Hernandez was unable to exit the home. While still inside she apparently called her father to inform him that their house was on fire.

“We saw the house open in flames I went in got my kid by the time I got out. There were already flames on top of my house.”

Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra stated the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Anyhow, neighbors and witnesses say the tragedy could have been avoided if the fire department that responded to the scene would have been better prepared.

“they got here, they didn’t have any water. They could have prevented the whole house to be destroyed they could have saved a life the other. Then another fire department came, that’s when they through water, but my house was already half on fire.”

Authorities didn’t confirm or deny the allegations of the fire department’s lack of water. While on the scene fox news south texas witnessed several fire departments present from different cities, including Cameron county.
In the meantime friends of the family were on standby in case of any needed support.

“Well, my condolences for the family that did lose their daughter.”

If anyone would like to donate to the family for funeral expenses, you can do so through a bank account at first convenience bank under the name Versiady Hernandez or through a go fund me page named: Versiady Hernandez funeral expenses.

Every little bit helps, The investigation is being conducted under the hidalgo county sheriff’s department.