About 306 Customs and Border Protection officers were deployed to California in order assist with the migrant caravan’s arrival.
Family members watched their loved ones board a plane. They say they did not receive notice ahead of time to process their departure.
“We are feeling a little bit sad because he won’t be with us for Thanksgiving and who knows if they will be back for Christmas. We don’t know when he is coming back. His family will be waiting here for him hopefully he will be back soon, we know he is serving his country so we are very proud of him, all of us.”
One father says it breaks his heart to see his daughter in pain because her husband is leaving.
“It is very sad. We don’t know how long he will be gone. I hope he comes back soon but it all depends on the situation.”
Congressman Henry Cuellar released a statement regarding the temporary deployment of 575 CBP officers from Texas to California in order to address the migrant caravan. He says the CBP commissioner assured him the agency will do everything possible to minimize the impacts of trade, retail and tourism and seasonal traffic to all ports of entries.
CBP says they will continue to monitor the caravan, they add they have deployed a total of 573 CBP officers and 257 U.S. Border Patrol agents to southern California and Arizona from other parts of the country.