On November 2014 voters approved to build a sports complex at Texas A&M International University, but since then the discussion had been stalled. Four years later, progress for the project has been made…
City council members approved to move forward a memorandum of understanding with TAMIU to build a tennis complex. The project will cost 6 million dollars and will be funded through the sports and community venue fund.
“As of last Monday the city council authored to proceed with the tennis courts at tTAMIU  and that is something we have been working together with the Texas Association and we’re looking at finalizing as soon as possible then after that the design and construction for the tennis courts.”
During Monday’s city council meeting, several members of the Laredo Tennis Association showed their support towards the project. They say it’s much needed in the community.
“We did a study and we did a comparison between 2016 and 2018 there was an increase of 93 percent participation in tennis.”
The organization says that out of the 121 tennis courts in the city, only 21 are open to the public.
TAMIU officials say they could not comment pending the negotiations with the city.