Laredo border patrol canceled their press conference about an hour before it was set to begin. Instead, they sent out a statement, leaving out details regarding the incident that happened Wednesday.
In the statement, they confirmed a woman died as a result of a gunshot wound during an incident involving a border patrol agent. The Webb County Medical Examiners Office identified the woman as 20-year-old Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez from Aldea De La Union, San Juan Ostuncalco Quetzaltenango.
“Doesn’t make sense that anyone would do this on purpose. I ask folks to suspend their judgment in the case on hand it’s crystal clear that my client followed all use of force policies all protocols from border patrol.”
According to border patrol, a group of undocumented immigrants ignored an agent’s verbal commands and instead rushed him.  Adding that the 15-year-veteran agent fired one round from his firearm striking one member of the group.
“My client is very much heartbroken over the loss of this young lady’s life in behalf of his and the entire law enforcement community we’re holding this young lady in our prayers and her family as well.”
During the incident, three undocumented immigrants were detained, while others fled the scene. The Guatemala consulate in Rio Bravo identified the three men as 18-year-old Eder Cabrera Sanchez, 20-year-old Carlos Perez Vicente and 18-year-old Damian Mendez Peñalonso, all from Guatemala. Now,  they’re being questioned by the FBI.
“They were taken to the location of the incident for a reconstruction of the scene, but they continue to be detained.”
Border patrol says the agent is on administrative leave in accordance with policy. We will bring you more details as they are made available.