Palm Valley Animal Center is in the middle of restructuring and sanitizing their shelter. The goal is to improve the handling of aminal intake. The shelter is asking for the community’s help in fostering a pet for 4 days while a deep clean is conducted, as well as for volunteers and donations. The initiative, “4 days for life” allows the shelter to have fewer dogs at the facility in order to have room to move kennels around and focus on the dogs needing the most attention at the moment. Different kennels will be established specifically for sick dogs with hopes of limiting disease within the shelter.The initiative comes after continuous backlash from the community for overpopulation. This shelter is shifting toward a life-saving facility. As part of the changes, adoption will now be an option on location and associated fees will be waived. A proper identification and proof of living in the Rio Grande Valley is all that is needed to pick up a furry friend until Thursday.