Edinburg (KFXV) – Here is the recording of the 911 call which lead authorities to find a trailer with 17 undocumented immigrants. The driver, Ruben Echavarria says he is not responsible for the trafficking of 17 immigrants that were rescued this past Sunday from the truck he was driving. This was the call made from a friend of one of the 17 immigrants that were rescued Sunday after being in a trailer truck for more than 8 hours. Ruben Echeverria was the driver of the Coraggio transport truck that was on its way to Miami, Florida. According to Echavarria who was along with his wife during the incident, they arrived at the Flying J Gas Station located in Edinburg at 9pm Saturday to sleep before heading out the next morning. He says he also noticed a change in weight of the trailer and asked for mechanical services. The driver reassures he only left the vehicle when he went to pay for the services.

Echavarria and his wife were detained while the 17 immigrants from diverse nationalities including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Romania are being processed by immigration. Ruben was released two days after but his wife remained incarcerated due to her immigration status. Ruben says he hasn’t heard from his wife for three days.
Moments ago, Ruben received a call confirming she is in the Laredo Detention Center.

In the meantime, the person responsible for the trafficking of the immigrants is still unknown.