McAllen (KFXV)– A group of protesters gathered outside a law firm to call for the firing of State Representative Rinaldi.

Members with La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) say Rinaldi needs to be held accountable for what they are calling a discriminatory behavior during the 85th legislative session.

“This is what SB4 does; it gives permission for people to act on their hate, and on their racism, and that’s why we’re here to protest. And, we’re asking the company that hires Rinaldi, to fire him because this is not the kind of people we want to operate here in the Valley,” said Martha Sanchez, Community Organizing Coordinator with LUPE.

Members with LUPE and La Fuerza del Valle held a protest outside the Dykema Law Firm office in McAllen, demanding the firm to fire Representative Matt Rinaldi — where he is employed as an attorney.  This request comes after Rinaldi allegedly called ICE agents on SB4 protesters last week..

“This shows why SB4 is a dangerous law, because, in the eyes of a law of these people, you see a Mexican. You see a Latino, or a Muslim person. You think they’re undocumented. That’s what he thought.  He saw all these Mexicans protesting, he calls ICE. Why would he do that?” Hector Guzman, with La Fuerza del Valle, added.

Hector Guzman was among the protesters inside the state capitol when the incident occurred. Guzman says Rinaldi’s behavior is unacceptable, and depicts the mentality of those in favor of the anti-sanctuary bill.

“We all have a right, whether you have documents or not, everybody has a right to express their concerns. That’s established in the Constitution. He didn’t care about it,” Guzman concluded.

We did attempt to enter the building for comment on behalf of the law firm, but the doors were locked..a police officer was at the scene who delivered a letter from protesters calling for the legislators firing..