At just a few months before Municipal Judge Rosie Cuellar retires from her position, she made a move within her department.
This morning, a swearing-in ceremony took place to appoint Jesus Dominguez as Associate Municipal Court Judge. Dominguez will take this position on a needed basis only.
Dominguez was appointed by Judge Rosie Cuellar, who has ended her term and has been elected as the Webb County Tax Assessor-Collector. Dominguez will be paid about 51 dollars an hour and is currently a candidate for municipal judge.
During Monday’s city council meeting, a candidate for municipal judge and certain council members did not agree with this appointment. Rodolfo Morales said it was not a position that needed to be quickly filled. With a budget shortfall in place, councilwoman Nelly Vielma stated her concerns. However, Cuellar stands by her decision, she adds that she has not taken a vacation in over three years and has some pending business to take care of in her new role.