Getting a haircut can support the Help A Hero Scholarship program that assists veterans and service members with costs associated with going back to school

Image Courtesy of pixabay

Imagine dedicating years of your life to serving your county. Once you return home, you can finally start a civilian career and go back to school, only to find out tuition will cost you more than what the GI Bill will cover. This is the case for many of the 200,000 U.S. service members who are transitioning from the military each year.

The private sector, military-focused scholarships can combat the financial burden of seeking technical training or degrees for post-military pursuits. Studies show the majority of adults in the United States say higher education is not affordable, yet almost all say it is important to have a degree or certificate to achieve a better quality of life. Qualified veterans who chose to go back to school have access to the GI Bill that can cover 36 months of benefits but doesn’t always last through graduate and certification programs or assist with living expenses. This is where businesses and individuals can help.

Nearly half of the participants in a respected study say they have given money to an organization that awards college scholarships and grants. Sport Clips Haircuts’ clients are among the generous givers who have supported one of these programs that’s focused on those who serve in the military.

The Help A Hero Scholarship program, which Sport Clips created with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), assists veterans and service members with costs associated with going back to school. Now is the time you can support this program by visiting any Sport Clips location between Oct. 14 and Veterans Day Nov. 11. To date, $6.5 million has been donated by Sport Clips, our clients and product partners, toward these scholarships, and 1,450 military and student veterans have been able to go back to school with less of a monetary burden.

Right now, there are 165 veterans enrolled in a degree or certificate program with the support of Help A Hero scholarships. A recent recipient says receiving the scholarship has been “live-saving,” one says “the scholarship will help facilitate a less financially stressful final semester” as he becomes the first college graduate in his family, and another awardee sums it up with, “Because of people who contribute to this program, I have a long-term vision for my career.” As we lead up to Veterans Day, we hope you’ll join us in this effort to say “thank you” to those who serve by supporting Help A Hero educational scholarships that can equip so many of our transitioning military for civilian careers.

Gordon Logan, Air Force Veteran and Founder and CEO of Sport Clips Haircuts