The Alton Police Department is giving out a lock that can be the only thing standing between life and death when it comes to handguns at home. 

“Project ChildSafe”, A national campaign, has made its way to the Rio Grande Valley.

“It is the first time that we’re providing it for the public. Our chief has been in office already for a year, this was one of the objectives and one of the things that he was able to do for the community.” 

The main purpose of this lock is to prevent an accidental shooting at home. Today, many manufactures provide one when purchasing a handgun, however, older models didn’t come with one. 

“If the community wants to go ahead and lock up that handgun while it’s at home, they can come into the PD and get one free of charge.”

Alton Police tells Fox News that there are no strings attached when someone goes to pick up a lock and that no private information is required.

“We’re not asking you to register your gun, we’re not asking you to give us information on how many guns you own. We’re just asking you to pick up your lock, put it in your gun. You have it stored at your home so that way your children or someone else doesn’t go and try to use it.”

Authorities say they put the community first and that no matter where you’re from, you are welcome to stop by any day and get your lock for free at 509 South Alton Boulevard in Alton.