Alton officials have launched a bumper sticker program that lets officers know a person with a medical condition is riding in a vehicle.

“It’s kinda like a medical bracelet but for the vehicle. It gives the occupant of the vehicle a peace of mind and then to let the officers know as well as the first responder, even fire and EMS know that someone in the vehicle may have a certain disability.”

The department has four different bumper stickers for residents who have a disability.

“They fill out a registered form and with proof of diagnosis. We have already been passing some out.”

Alton resident Gladys Velasquez says her 13-year-old son has autism and appreciates this new inactivate.

“They have helped me out a lot with my son because the case is a bit more serious but I would like for other police departments to add this, not only in the city of Alton.”

Velasquez adds she hopes other police departments in the surrounding cities will also enforce this new safety program.

“It started off in San Antonio, the chief saw that it was very valuable so he brought it here and we are hoping that it will kick off in other agencies.”

The captain says the goal of this program is for an officer to not mistaken someone with a disability for someone who is not in compliance.

“Say the occupant of the vehicle is deaf or going through a medical episode, so they will know it’s not a non-compliance versus they might think someone is intoxicated and hopefully it will help bring down some of those barriers.”

Anyone looking to obtain a sticker can stop by the Alton Police Department with the appropriate paperwork.