ALAMO (KFXV) — Alamo now becomes the 15th city in Hidalgo County to adopt a smoke ordinance. This would prevent people from smoking inside a workplace.
If you’ve ever been in a workplace where you inhaled secondhand smoke, then you’ve smoked 36 cigarettes after an 8 hour day. But that is all going to change starting August 11th in Alamo now that a smoke-free ordinance was just passed today.
This reason motivated the Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition to urge Alamo to pass an ordinance against smoking inside any workplace.
Currently there are 79 cities in the state of Texas that have smoke-free ordinances to help prevent diseases associated with second-hand smoke. These ordinances also include places like restaurants and bars but, excludes businesses that make most of their profit from tobacco like hookah lounges or smoke shops. While smoking outside will still be permitted, the ordinance restricts smoking within 25 feet of a door except at private homes.
The Center for Disease Control states second-hand smoke is the single largest preventable cause of death in the U.S. and urge the public not to smoke around children. Remember the new ordinance begins in one month.