Agents At Risk – Part One

RIO GRANDE VALLEY — The assaults on Border Patrol agents vary from year to year. From a two year span, the assaults have increased.

Just in 2014, there were 89 assaults against border patrol agents. In 2015 there were 110.

According to Chris Cabrera, from the Border Patrol Council, some the assaults go unreported.

“It goes up and down and also you have a lot of problems with the u.s. attorney and a lot of them feel it’s not worth the hassle.”

Cabrera feels there needs to be something done about this.

“So if people can act with impunity if they’re not held accountable for their actions, they’ll continue to do what they do.”

Some suspects who assault agents are never arrested.

A lot of people never get found with the proximity of the river and the fact that the Mexican government doesn’t want to cooperate with us it is just going to continue.

Such was the case of Agent de Leon. He is just one of the agents who was assaulted.

“And I got struck on this side of my face and my face was ringing. You know, I could feel the blood rushing down.”

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