According to Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley sector, there have been 33 human smuggling attempts in the past three days.
Yesterday, a total of 31 undocumented immigrants were rescued from a tractor-trailer in two separate incidents.
“Most of these tractor-trailer cases have a large risk involved with the individuals packed inside. These tractor-trailers often have no means of escape. There is no water, no food inside there and they can be in transit for multiple hours.”
The first incident happened at the Falfurrias checkpoint, agents rescued 16 people from inside a trailer. The second discovery was made at the Sarita checkpoint. Agents were able to rescue 15 immigrants from a trailer carrying produce with a temperature as low as 50 degrees
Border Patrol agent Marcelino Medina tells Fox News the agency has a campaign known as “Operation Big Rig” to bring awareness on the dangers of smuggling individuals inside tractor-trailers.
“It is geared towards educating truck drivers on the dangers of smuggling humans through this means. It not only does it highlight the dangers but it also highlights the consequences associated with this kind of smuggling.”
Medina adds agents go to local truck driving schools to educate drivers on how to inspect their trucks for any suspicious activity.
“To give the truck drivers a little bit of presentation showing them what to look for, what should raise flags for them, just warnings when they go to truck stops and when they are picking up their loads how for them to properly inspect their rigs.”

Border patrol agents want to remind the community if they see any suspicious activity to report it to local law enforcement agencies, their call can potentially save a life.