This morning, the Laredo ISD Police Department held an active shooter training to prepare for a life-threatening scenario.
Arleth Riojas was shot in the leg as part of the training, she tells us how she felt during the experience.
“We were scared at a point where we were all screaming in the classrooms and the hallways and we can hear the shooting running past the classrooms.”
Officer Villarreal’s duty is to protect students but today, she took on a different role. She was the shooter.
“I was trying to put myself in their role and it’s dark, it’s very dark. You have to be in a very dark place to want to come into a school and want to shoot up the kids. It’s not right.”
Several law enforcement agencies participated in this active shooter training. Their mission is to prepare for any scenario and always be ready.
“Our other concern and the thing that has to be practiced is communication with our school district, with our students and the parents to make sure that we never get to this scenario that we just practiced for. To make sure we disarm a person that is going through any episode they are going through and attend to it immediately to make sure that we disarm any threat geared to the campus.”
Laredo ISD Police say training will continue to ensure the safety of students
 Tomorrow morning, Laredo Police will have a mock drill at Mall Del Norte. It will run from 6 to 10 in the morning.