In Rio Grande City, one man is dead and two motorcyclists are in critical condition after being involved in a major accident.
The victim was identified as Jose Cervantes. According to officials he was well known in the community.
The accident happened Thursday night at around 11:30 pm on US Highway 83. Rio Grande City Chief of Police Jose Solis, tells Fox News Cervantes was crossing the street when he was hit by a motorcyclist.
“It was two different motorcyclists they were actually traveling right next to each other when the accident occurred. One of the motorcyclists was the one that accidentally hit the gentleman, he fell off of the bike causing the other motorcyclist to fall off his bike.”
Solis adds Cervantes was pronounced dead at the scene. The two motorcyclists were transported to a local hospital in critical condition. He says Cervantes was known for selling cornbread.
“The gentleman had a little dolly with an ice chest looks like he was coming from Walmart, purchasing items. He was very well known around the city for selling pan de elote.”
We spoke to Rio Grande City residents who tell us Cervantes is going to be greatly missed.
“I used to see him in store and on the side of the street. He used to sell cornbread, I used to buy from him once in a while. He was a good man.”
Albert Esco, founder of Casa de Esperanza, a community center,  tells us Cervantes was one of his participants.
“Today, this morning when we all got together for prayer at Casa Esperanza we were all sad to know that he was no longer with us. It’s just part of life I guess. He was a very loved person in our community. Even though he had no family in Rio Grande he became one of us from our community.”
Officials say the accident remains under investigation, as they are still speaking to witnesses.