Austin, Texas– Governor Gregg Abbott assures that the executive order is necessary to ensure all residents can return to normalcy as soon as possible.

The governor has taken immediate action to prevent further transmission of COVID-19…The executive order goes into effect tomorrow at midnight and is tentatively set to end on April 3rd …This order details the closure of dine-in restaurants, bars, gyms, and fitness centers.

The order also restricts the social gathering of more than 10 people in a space as well as visiting nursing homes and critical care centers. Abbott has been relying on the information provided to him by local and state health experts.

The governor stated that this is not an order for mandatory quarantine and that Texans could continue to visit businesses such as banks and gas stations while adhering to CDC recommendations and standards.

 Governor Greg Abbott also stated that the measures implemented in this order were all in accordance with federal guidelines and recommendations.

Texas Governor Abbott Declares A Public Health Disaster