Submitted By: W Joel Gridley

I would like to have a very uncomfortable, but honest and pragmatic discussion about two hot button issues; gun control and abortion. If you lean too far left OR right and are incapable of hearing the other sides’ viewpoint, please stop reading.

A Pragmatic proposal; Let's Call A Truce 1

I am appalled at the new law passed in Alabama. To force a rape victim to have the child of an assault is beyond inhuman. I am a Jeffersonian Conservative, which means I don’t care what you do, so long as it does not interfere with my rights or livelihood. I have always found abortion as a necessary evil, so long as I was not forced to pay for it through taxes, and so long as it is not a woman’s primary form of birth control. Roe v Wade, while poorly written, is established law.

I am also appalled at the proposed gun laws around the country. Yes, we have experienced some horrific tragedies, but these should not be used as excuses why we need to ban guns from law-abiding citizens, after all, more deaths occur from abortions than gun violence every year, so let’s discuss these two issues pragmatically.

The second amendment, contrary to what some people believe, was not to protect hunting rights. It was included to protect the people against an overreaching government. Look at Venezuela, in 2012 they banned all personal gun ownership, so the military became the only ones with guns, so a dictator continues to reign. The people continue to be oppressed, while the world stands by watching.

Roe v. Wade, while imperfect in its decision as written, provides a very valuable 21st century right; the right to privacy. This is not an enumerated right in the constitution but is implied, and only articulated in Roe v. Wade. If Alabama is allowed to trample federal law on abortion, they also trample our protections from Facebook, Google, Amazon.

Can we not call a truce? Left, stop messing with gun rights, the Right, stop messing with abortion rights, and each side stop attempting to expand these established rights, just freeze them; no post-birth abortions, no legalized tank or assault rifle (already banned, the Left is simply redefining what an assault rifle is now) ownership, just freeze standing laws as is.

I do like some options to make each of these issues less of a bitter pill to opposing sides.

Red flag laws where after a CONSERVATIVE judge has approved, a person can have his gun ownership rights denied for exhibiting mental or behavioral deficiencies.

Where after a LIBERAL judge has approved, a person can be imprisoned for having an abnormal amount of abortions. This means that every state would require judges of both ideologies.

If you are one of those who cannot compromise or brainstorm how to forward these two issues, then congratulate yourselves for total abortion bans and total gun bans. We need to move forward, a compromise must be made, but with each side sniping at these two huge basic issues, we will never get there.