A mother wants justice after she says several people attacked her son after a volleyball game on October 2nd.

The incident happened on Camila and Ware road. The 15-year-old’s mother who wanted to remain anonymous, says she received a call no mother wants to hear.

“After the 9-1-1 call, I was called to pick up my son. As I arrived¬†to¬†the scene, an officer told me to follow him to McAllen Medical Center where my son was taken to the emergency and to the 2nd floor trauma center.

The medical results showed the teen had multiple fractures and a large portion of his face had to be reconstructed. The mother adds he was in the hospital for four days due to the injuries. However, she says the situation could’ve been worse if no one had intervened.

“I still do not know their names but would like to meet them and thank them for picking up my son from the street and putting him in the sidewalk.”

Fox News reached out to authorities who say they can’t disclose information, pending the investigation. Despite that, the mother says she has an idea of who it may be.

“I want all of them to be caught. Every single one, there’s more than one, there’s more than three, up to six maybe. I want them to be caught.”

The mother states there’s no reason for such incident and thanks those who helped her son.