A day without women is a strike that is taking place in Mexico today. A movement that according to some activists should exist in the US.

This weekend, dozens of people went out to the streets in the Rio Grande valley to commemorate international women’s day in Mexico, thousands of women decided not to go to work or study in an effort to bring awareness to homicides and sexual assaults towards women. Alicia Limon, a survivor of domestic violence, believes this type of demonstration   should take place in south texas

A long time ago I was a victim of violence however every day I get multiple calls from many victims of violence and that makes me worry a lot because there is still a lot of violence… For me, it is important to take this initiative in the united states

For Juanita, a member of the organization Friendship for Women, bringing attention to topics of violence is extremely important,  she says violence towards women keeps happening not only in Mexico but also in the US.

The strikes are very powerful because they send a message that women are essential not only to a country’s economy but also to society.

Vazquez adds that if a strike like this takes place in the u.S., many will be ready to raise their voices towards inequalities

The women who can, the women who have that privilege we will be there for them we will be fighting for them and we will be in solidarity with all of our sisters from all the backgrounds.

A day without is a movement that some activists believe is close to turning into a reality in the US.

A day without women
A day without women

A day without women