Border patrol agents rescued approximately 70 undocumented immigrants from a stash house in McAllen.
Around 10 am authorities responded to the 2000 block of Baylor street in regards to a possible stash house.
U.S. border patrol agents along with homeland security investigators, the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office and the Hidalgo County Constable’s Office assisted with the investigation.
Border patrol agent, Robert Rodriguez tells Fox News although they were able to rescue most of the people in the house five fled the scene leading to the lockout of three nearby schools.
“The conditions inside the house what we normally encounter, what we normally discover, deportable conditions, extremely dirty. I’m not sure if there was running water inside this particular home, but smugglers really don’t care very limited food limited water for 70 individuals very, very poor conditions.”
Among the people rescued, we were able to see men and women. All of them were loaded on to a bus and transported to detention centers.
We spoke to a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous, she tells us after living at her home for almost two years, she never expected for something like this to happen.
“I didn’t know anything. For me, it’s upsetting to know. I only see these things on tv and you never know that this can happen here on the side of your house.”
One vehicle was seized from the property, authorities are still investigating this operation. Officials encourage the community to report any type of suspicious activity.