Inside a home located on Katiana Drive, Laredo Border Patrol found more than 60 undocumented immigrants.
“63 people packed into this small little area some of which had been there for 10 to 15 days.”
At about 5 pm, agents arrived at a residence located at the 4017 block of Katiana Drive. The rescue happened after agents received a tip that a large number of undocumented immigrants were at the residence waiting to be transported. Inside, agents found two females and 61 males from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.
Agents tell Fox News two immigrants were diabetic and had not taken their medication, which ended in them needing medical attention.
“They did complain that food was limited there at the stash house, but their major complaint was the heat because of the lack of air conditioning in that building and having so many people packed. Thankfully there weren’t many heat injuries.”
The owner of the house who did not want to speak on camera said she rented the house in May to a man who said he would live there with his wife. The case remains under investigation to find those responsible.