60-year-old Marta Elva Moreno was last seen on Wednesday, November 7 leaving her home. A statewide silver alert remains in place as officials continue searching for her.

Moreno is a retired teacher that has Alzheimer’s disease. Her nieces tell Fox News this is the first time their aunt goes missing.

“She has left but she always finds her way back. She’s the type of person that if she doesn’t know where she is going she’ll get off at a store or ask somebody how to get to a certain place that she would remember to get to.”

Moreno’s nieces add that before she went missing they received a phone call from her at around 9 am stating she was having a hard time opening her vehicle’s door.

“We received another phone call, it did sound like she was struggling. We asked her where she was at, what things she could see, she started to panic and struggling I assume by opening the door and we received two other calls after and it was just dead silence.”

For the past four days, the organization RGV Rescue has been conducting search parties to located Moreno. Her nieces tell us they have joined the team in hopes of finding their aunt.

“We’ve gone into ditches, we’ve gone into corn fields, sugar fields, but we have been searching through the canals through the resacas anything that we can find. We’ve been searching through it ourselves.”

Moreno was last seen wearing khaki slacks, the color of her shirt is unknown. She is around 5 feet 7 inches tall with short salt and pepper colored hair. She was driving a 2017 Honda Fit with Texas license plates JYG990O.

If you have any information on her whereabouts or if you’ve seen her vehicle contact the San Benito Police Department at (956) 361-3880.