For the last couple of months, we’ve been asking for heater donations from our audience. Today, we hit the streets to visit 60-year-old Valenciano Vela after learning he was sleeping in a cold home. What he did not know, is that he was in for a small surprise.

Vela says stove flames are his source of heat for his home during cold days, but he adds that it’s concerning.

“If I sleep, that will eventually get very hot and it will set my trailer on fire.”

The stove wasn’t always the case.

“Last night my heater went out and every time I would light it, it would smell like rubber, it would smell like burnt plastic.”

It’s these situations that authorities have long warned about.

“If you have a malfunctioning heater, that is a greater potential risk because the heater is drawing a lot of electricity out from the outlet.”

With a hazardous situation, our audience’s efforts came in handy. A proper heating system will now alleviate just one of his many daily concerns.

Vela lives in a  one bedroom mobile home with ruptured tiles, making it difficult to navigate with a walking stick and with no space for his walker, which he has to leave outside.

“I fall and I can’t get up because my legs go numb.”

Vela says he has mobility impairments, making it almost impossible to work to afford to fix up his home, but for now, he can get rid of his old heater.

“I want to give gratitude to Fox for coming and giving me this heater.”

If you would like to help others like Vela, you can reach out to our studios in McAllen at 801 N. Jackson Road and in Laredo AT 222 Bob Bullock Loop.