Five-year-old Helen Nohemi was separated from her family for 55 days. Today, a pro-immigrant organization welcomes her as she reunites with her grandmother after a petition was made to bring her back.

With balloons, smiles and gifts, La Unión Del Pueblo Entero,  a pro-immigrant organization in South Texas, celebrates Helen’s reunification with her family. The young girl was separated from her grandmother as she was entering the country back in June. This, after the Trump administration announced they would no longer separate immigrant children from their families.

Helen’s grandmother says her and her family were only seeking asylum after fleeing from Honduras because of violence.

The young girl’s attorney Eugene Delgado says it was not an easy process to locate Helen. Adding that numerous times he made phone calls to government officials trying to find her without succeeding. It was through a pile of documents of unaccompanied children who enter the country, where he finally came across her name.

“Within that packet, it gives you all the instructions on how to basically represent them, how to submit your G28, how to get their documents, where to find them. It’s I believe about 180 to 200 pages, I had to sift through the whole thing.”

Delgado adds, that thanks to an online petition known as “families belong together,” they were able to get authorities to free Helen from the detention center she was in. Delgado says that if it wouldn’t have been for that, she could have possibly been put up for adoption in San Antonio.

“With that petition we got the community involved, we had over 10 thousand signatures and that’s when the government finally made heat.”

The director of the pro-iMmigrant organization says there are still hundreds of children separated from their parents, for which they will continue to fight and get them reunified with their families.