A man found guilty of sexually assaulting a minor received his sentence today.
48-year-old Kayro Moreno will serve life in prison. He claims, he’s innocent.
Moreno said he was not guilty after hearing his sentence. His attorneys had asked the jury for 25 years behind bars.
During trial, Moreno did not contain his tears. His mother and sister testifying they did not believe he sexually assaulted the minor. His mother said someone tried stabbing her son while in custody. The sister adding Moreno was a father figure to her.
The victim’s mother testified her daughter suffers from panic attacks and has trouble making friends. Adding that a day does not go by that she doesn’t think of the nightmare her daughter went through for two years.
District Attorney Isidro Alaniz says this sentencing sends a message to the community.
“Victims will be believed. That there is help out there. Anybody out there that knows anyone that is a victim of physical and sexual abuse, that law enforcement is here to help, district attorney’s is here to help. We will believe you.”

Moreno’s attorneys were not immediately available to comment.