At about 3:50 in the morning, Laredo Police responded to an emergency call at the 700 block of Orleans Loop.
Officers say that when the suspect called 911,  they heard strange noises.
“He called dispatch and the dispatcher he overheard either handing a weapon or trying to load the weapon, it was what the initial information was provided.”
At the scene, authorities knocked the door to the suspect’s residence, that’s when shots were fired.
“We woke up to a gunshot and well I just heard like a loud noise and I came downstairs and they told me that if I had to go to work that we had to evacuate early. There were a lot of people.”
As a precautionary measure, officers set a two-block perimeter. Police are investigating if the suspect was shooting at them or to the air.
After three hours and a half, they were able to make contact with the suspect.
“Once he was detained, the SWAT officers went inside the residence. They made sure nobody was inside the residence, nobody was inside the residence, they did locate several spent casings and a shotgun.”
35-year-old Tony Flores was arrested and charged with aggravated assault against a public servant.
As a precautionary measure, Finley Elementary School suspended its classes but reopened its doors at 10 in the morning. Laredo Police continue investigating this case.