344 Spring Break Arrests on South Padre Island

Despite the South Padre Island Police Department tripling their officer count, the island wasn’t free of fights and illegal activity this Spring Break Texas week.

344 people were arrested on South Padre Island between March 14th and 20th better known as spring break Texas week.

“most of those are good people but they’re young and inexperienced and drinking I should say cause early early drinkers so they they drink in the morning and they keep drinking of the day and something they don’t realize it’s going to hit them”

Spring Breakers hitting the beaches and the combination of sun and alcohol officers say it’s not surprising that fights like this break out.

“Don’t know how to handle fights or disturbances and then they obviously go to jail”

Official numbers won’t be in until the first week of April but South Padre Island spokesperson Gary Ainsworth said preliminary reports show a greater number of Spring Breakers this year when compared to last.

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