Border patrol agents rescued dozens of undocumented immigrants from a business in north Laredo.

33 people were detained Saturday after they were found in a warehouse. Laredo border patrol chief Jason Owens, says he could not disclose the conditions they were found in.

“When they got there, they observed several individuals running around the property at that warehouse. After a period of time, them and Laredo PD ended up arresting 33 individuals. I don’t know how long they had been there but we do know they were from Mexico, central Mexico and even some from the Dominican Republic.”

Chief Owens confirmed seven of the 33 undocumented immigrants were children, the youngest, 14 years old.

“So this is nothing like a stash house. If you can imagine a warehouse it may be something climate controlled, but there’s no food, there’s probably no running water. They don’t know how long they will be there. There’s no furniture for them to sleep in so they will be sleeping on the concrete floor, it’s a commercial area and not meant to be living in.”

Border patrol says no arrests were made in this case, but hope to make one soon. They add the business wasn’t aware of the smuggling attempt. Authorities say this case indicates smugglers are looking for new ways to¬†hide¬†undocumented immigrants.