Brownsville Police have confirmed to Fox New South Texas 31 year old German Ornelas was shot while police were attempting to deliver a felony warrant. Ornelas was hospitalized at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville, but was later pronounced dead due to his injuries.

Police released a statement regarding the indecent. Police arrived at the location where German Ornelas was located at 55 W. St. Charles St. They say Ornelas was discovered in a back room, armed with a knife. Officers tried to negotiate with Ornelas, but he refused to cooperate and tried to attack officers.
That’s when officers say they felt threatened and shot him.

The full statement by Brownsville Police:

BPD identified the subject involved in this morning shooting as German Ornelas (31). He expired today at a local hospital. The warrant that the Officers were serving was for Burglary of Habitation (2nd degree felony). Case remains under investigation by the Texas Rangers.
At approximately 10:50A.M. today, Uniformed Services Division Officers and Detectives were attempting to serve a felony warrant at 55 W. St. Charles St. While doing so, the subject was located in a back room and brandished a knife. Subject defied orders given by the officers to drop the knife and our officers came under attack by the suspect. At that point, the officers fearing for their lives, fired on the subject to end the threat that they were under. Subject was transferred to local hospital, condition unknown. Case is under investigation by the Texas Rangers.