In Alton, a man is now in custody after allegedly committing multiple vehicle burglaries.

23-year- old Leeroy Rodriguez was arraigned Thursday afternoon and charged with two counts of vehicle burglary. Judge Patricia Ocana Olivarez gave Rodriguez two five thousand dollar bonds.

“You have two of these counts of burglary of vehicles. Do you understand that Mr. Rodriguez?”

According to the chief of police, the suspect’s most recent burglary was at the 600 block of Linares street.

“They were able to identify the suspect by the name of Leeroy Rodriguez. That individual will be charged for the offense later today. The individual on the facebook video is the same individual that we were able to identify and place under arrest for the offense.”

According to neighbors in the area of his most recent burglary, he would frequently visit a drive-thru.

“He did enter the vehicle and take items from within the vehicle. Now, this is an ongoing investigation. Anybody with information can contact us if they have any further information regarding the case.”

Judge Ocana Olivarez says his felonies now upgrade him to state jail. If you have any information regarding this case, contact authorities at  (956) 432-0700.