21-year-old Accidentally Shoots Man With Rifle

Laredo police are concerned after two similar incidents occurred early Tuesday, one ending in a fatality. According to Laredo police, 21-year-old David Romeo Garza accidentally shot 22-year-old Jose Eduardo Salinas at the 1100 block of Topaz trail. Authorities said Garza was the one to call 911 asking for medical assistance, allegedly admitting to police he was the one who discharged the hunting rifle. Salinas was pronounced dead at the scene.Garza was charged with manslaughter and tampering with evidence.  Police did not disclose what kind of evidence was tampered. A second incident also involving a rifle occurred that same day. Citizens of Laredo say it’s about time the laws change involving the possession of firearms. In an effort to prevent fatalities, Laredo police are asking the community to be careful when handling any type of firearm.