The FDA Has Approved a New Drug to Prevent Covid-19

The FDA Has Approved a New Drug to Prevent Covid-19

The FDA approved a new pharmaceutical drug as prevention against Covid-19. The doctor in charge of the research and development department at DHR tells us who qualifies and what this new process is about.

The Evusheld doses is to prevent Sars-Cov-2 and it differentiates from the rest of the other injections because this one helps people who have a weak immune system, prevent Covid. Dr. Rao talks to us about what this new vaccine is about.

“Two separate molecula antibodies both are directed against the receptive binding domain, or the s-bind domain, which is the virus that binds to human cells. It actually directly impacts that particular region which is a binding to the human cells, which prevents the virus from binding,” said Dr. Rao.

The first four patients are not part of an experiment he adds. They are the first subjects that will be treated in the Rio Grande Valley whose immune systems are weak. A person is considered high risk if they have suffered from cancer, HIV, lupus or take medicine that weakens the immune system. Obesity and diabetes are not high risk factors.
“Irritation at the local site, because this is an intramuscular injection. And you could have a little bit of palpitation, but nothing that would prevent you from getting this molecula antibody treatment,” added Dr. Rao.
The Edinburg Fire Department Chief comments why he made the decision of being one of the first patients to receive the dose.
“This is my get back to be able to help support the community. I’ll do whatever it takes to give our community the ability to continue to get to some level of normalcy,” he said.
The price of the process is free, however the administration price is covered by a third party like health insurance.
If you are interested in receiving this new treatment, you can call 956-342-4896 to refer your case. It’s important to remember that this treatment is not a replacement for the Covid vaccines.

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